17 Mar

Annual Travel Insurance: Leave All Your Worries At Home

Travelling and seeing the world with your own eyes is definitely a blissful experience. However, it is always advocated that one should do his homework well before travelling to any foreign land. Since, the most cautiously planned trip can also become complicated due to the unexpected events. For instance, medical emergencies, cancelled flights, lost luggage or natural catastrophes. Recently, the whole world has heard about the natural catastrophe of Tsunami, which ruined the vacations of thousands of people and destroyed the cities. In such circumstances, it is clear that you need a backup plan, which will help you in such drastic circumstances.

Travel insurance is there to facilitate you with the legitimate coverage on your travelling, either internationally, or within your own country. If you are a frequent traveler then you probably would like to know about the annual travel insurance. As it is the best method to make your trip or journey more secure and hassle-free. The multi trip insurance is specifically designed to facilitate and save money on the travel trips. As a rule, annual travel insurance provides legitimate coverage on medical expenses, trip cancellation, accidental death or injury, delayed departure, personal liability, rental car damages, and loss or theft of personal possessions.

Moreover, by buying an annual insurance policy, you are saving money. Particularly, the annual travel insurance is beneficial for those people whose travel trip is unpredictable. This type of travel coverage will help you to obtain the advantage of the trip insurance even at the last-minute deals. The annual travel insurance is available for all types of trips either business or pleasure. Once the traveler got the insurance, they are insured for the whole year. They can take multi trips in that year with the assurance of being covered against numerous risks that might arise when enjoying their stay in a foreign country. Annual travel insurance can also be customized according to the need of the traveler, so it would lower the premiums being paid for the insurance policy.

The annual travel coverage has numerous benefits over single trip insurance policies. It saves time and money even at the last-minute of the travel plan. Some companies that provide such insurance deals also offer many other advantages of family insurance cover. They offer the benefits for the whole family by just one policy. This type of policies is helpful during the family holidays, or if any of your family member travels. The annual travel insurance will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the trip to make it pleasurable. By arranging annual travel insurance, you can make your business or holiday trip hassle-free and memorable.

17 Mar

Annual Travel Insurance – Things to Consider Before Arranging Coverage

If you think annual travel insurance is a waste of money, think again. Nowadays, most of the people in the UK have been travelling for a lot of times, inside and outside of Europe. Yet, despite this kind of frequency in travelling, some people still have to bother about searching for the cheapest travel coverage that they could get each and every time that they are looking forward to a new trip. The aim of looking around and comparing prices of travel insurance in order to find the cheapest one seems pretty obvious – to save money. This kind of move is the most convenient one to take but only to certain types of travelers and not to every kind of traveler. Getting one travel insurance for one trip would work best only for those who travel for about once a year, in which those travel were already planned in detail ahead of time. However, for those who have a lot of travelling to do which could also be spontaneous for most of time, doing such isn’t good for them; they should afford to get an annual travel insurance. The frequency of your travels is the first thing that you have to consider before you arrange for a travel insurance policy.

Annual travel insurance can also be referred to as annual travel cover, yearly holiday insurance, annual trip insurance, and annual multi-trip. This kind of policy is very well suited for individuals, couples, and families, who do a lot of travelling throughout the year. By getting this kind of insurance, one can be assured that he can travel in and out of Europe for the next 12 months without bothering about getting a new insurance policy each time he travels. Usually, insurance policies of this kind have travel coverage of even up to 120 days. The next thing to consider is the age. People of age 66 to 70 have a maximum of 60 days, and those with age 71 to 74 (the maximum age that can be covered) has coverage of about 31 days at most. In this kind of insurance policy, you can choose a variety of items which can be covered by your insurance. These could include a cover for any hazardous activities, cover for baggage and other personal belongings, cover for your golfing activities, excess waivers, and even an unexpected cancellation of events that you were supposed to attend. When it comes to duration, there is also an even wider policy than that of annual travel insurance: comprehensive travel insurance. If you happen to be continuously travelling outside the UK for up to 15 months at a time, then this type of travel insurance is best for you. You could even extend this policy for even up to 18 months when you subject it to no claims on medical problems. This could also have the same options as that of an annual trip insurance policy.